Chapter 599

Surging Waves Through The Continent

The Monarch of the Skies wrapped his city up in a strange energy barrier, and the tremors grew less violent.

After the energy storm outside passed, Weyers looked at the sight not too far away from him, and suddenly cried out involuntarily, “The thunder layer of Akev! Where has the thunder layer of Akev gone to?”

Below Sky City was originally a gigantic sea made of black thunderclouds. This was a natural skyscape that acted as the first defence of Sky City.

Even Crystal Phase Magi would find it so difficult to pass through it was practically impossible.

Now, however, the gigantic sea of black thunder clouds had disappeared, leaving only a fog formed of condensation.

“Obviously, everything has been destroyed. Even the city itself has been reduced to this state…” The Radiant Moon Magus laughed wryly.

Weyers recovered from his surprise and glanced at Sky City, which was now in ruins, and lowered his head as if in disappointment.

Even if they had been protected by the Monarch of...

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