Chapter 598


The scarlet crescent of light slashed through the sky. The humongous black monster howled in grief as it disintegrated into black vapour and dispersed.

From the black vapour came Stuart’s voice, full of fear, “A piece of high-grade magic equipment! You actually have a piece of high-grade magic equipment!”

He looked at the crimson earring hanging on Leylin’s ear, his eyes filled with restraining fear and insatiable greed, “I’ll kill you! All of this will be mine!”

‘A.I. Chip, begin resisting the radiation from the curse, and find the source!’ Leylin looked solemn as he secretly gave the command. If it was in the past, such an ancient curse would be highly troublesome to deal with, but with the vast amount of information from the Great Library as his trump card, and the A.I. Chip’s ability to successfully quantify soul force, he had formed a decent database, allowing him to resist.

The same went for the Scarlet Earring. Before he thoroughly understood its origin and functions, he didn’t dare to use it much. However, he had managed to find the history of and a detailed introduction...

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