Chapter 597

Hot On The Heels

“Rescanning. Confirmed to be a Morning Star Magus!” As the spirit genie’s voice rang out, the person in charge was silenced. One instance could be considered a glitch, but what if it happened a second or third time?

He watched the figure on the screen in disbelief, “What level is he at? Display his star grade!”

The screen quickly changed, “Target is Leylin Farlier. Saved data: Four Stars.”

“What a joke! Rescan him.” He was practically yelling at this point.

*Swish!* An energy bar appeared, and the four star level was filled almost instantly. The meter arrived at five stars.

“So it’s a peak Morning Star. It’s no wonder that he can contend with Lord Stuart. But don’t worry, he can’t hold on for long…”

He sighed suddenly, but immediately after, the monitoring staff pulled him to look at the screen once more. In that moment, he practically turned to stone.

On the screen, the meter filled up even the five star grade, and then burst through it!

The screen glitched out...

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