Chapter 596

Sudden Attack

“So what if our previous plan failed and Leylin managed to pass the Monarch’s test? We still have a chance!” This Morning Star from Jupiter’s Lightning was still trying his hardest to persuade Stuart. “Leylin is about to participate in the appraisal for Virtuous Sky Sages. As long as we get Weyers to participate as well, they’re likely to come into conflict eventually… After all, they’re both geniuses, and those kinds of people love glory and solitude…”

“Your plans are just too troublesome…” Stuart shook his head, “I can tell you from experience, the more complicated a plan is, the more slip-ups there are. The simpler plans usually have a higher rate of success! Leylin is merely a Five Star Morning Star, and no matter how crafty he is, he can’t break through the bloodline shackles and reach rank 5. I’ll just have to deal with him personally the moment he leaves the vicinity of Sky City. Of course, the price will double.”

Weyers not falling into the trap had instilled a sense of crisis...

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