Chapter 595

An Audience

“Hmph! Count yourself lucky!” Stuart glared at Leylin with resentment and dissipated into wisps of soot.

“What are you waiting for? Let’s go!” Leylin neatened the creases in his shirt with an indecipherable straight face.


“You managed to withstand an attack from Lord Stuart? But he’s a Radiant Moon Magus! Hold up, what did he say just now? Five Stars? You’ve reached Five Stars?” Boffel stammered and pointed a trembling finger at Leylin. Uncertainty brewed inside of him.

Leylin reaching five stars carried a great amount of significance. There were less than thirty Five Star Morning Stars in the entire central continent, and Leylin was one of them. He was someone at the peak!

Furthermore, being able to withstand a strike from a Radiant Moon? The more Boffel looked at Leylin, the more he thought that this fellow was a monstrous genius like Weyers.

‘You’ve found a rival, little Weyers.’ Boffel laughed bitterly in his mind before he...

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