Chapter 593

Soul Profiling

[Beep! Database has been refreshed. Update completed.] After Leylin had flipped through about half of the book in his hands, the A.I. Chip which had gone silent for a while suddenly sounded out.

“Good! Let’s see if there are any differences in the upgraded A.I. Chip!” His attention immediately wandered from the book, and he focused on his A.I. Chip.

[Beep! Database on soul force is complete. Beginning collection of host’s data, recalculating.] The first prompt that the A.I. Chip gave had Leylin elated.

“So soul force has finally been enumerated...” He had been at a loss due to the A.I. Chip’s inability to enumerate soul force for a very long time. All this while, he had collected a lot of information on the soul, and performed many experiments and thought of numerous conjectures. However, all that had not been able to complete the database on the soul.

Now, the A.I. Chip had completely deduced this information.

“Show me my current stats!” Leylin immediately commanded.

[Leylin Farlier. Rank 4 Warlock. Bloodline:...

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