Chapter 592

Shocking Accumulation

[Beep! Spiritual force data connection detected, proceed with transmission?] The A.I. Chip intoned.

Although Leylin had placed a crystal ball on the transmission port of the terminal, he was actually mobilizing his A.I. Chip for it instead.

“Try this first!” Leylin selected a piece of information regarding the one-horned clan of the Lava World and uploaded it.

“Serial number ZXC678 has chosen to contribute information. Processing…” A progress bar suddenly appeared on the terminal screen.

As the progress bar reached completion, it was replaced with new content.

“Helix Tree composite image: 89% complete! Initial inventory: 40% complete! Effectiveness: 51%! Initializing fusion of data... Helix Tree composite image: 91% complete! Your contribution has been evaluated and you will be awarded 26 information points!”

*Whoosh!* A golden light flashed, and the number 26 appeared in a new row on Leylin’s library card.

He drew a sharp breath. ‘It even contains knowledge from such a remote place as the Lava World, even if it’s flawed…’

After a moment of thought, though, he came to a realisation, “The ancient Magus World was in control of a great number of other worlds. Sky...

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