Chapter 591

Great Library

“Let’s go! Leylin watched Weyers as he left and brought Yuro with him. He had yet to arrive at his intended destination, which was the Great Library. To him, whatever just happened was like a circus act and nothing more.

When Leylin’s figure had disappeared as well, the remaining Magi present immediately got up, their faces full of grime.

Being affected by the battle out of nowhere and being suppressed by a Morning Star domain for a long time had now left them in a pitiful state.

Afterwards, the officials who had arrived slowly began to tidy up the roads and calculated the losses. Everything was methodical and thorough.

“Gill!” back in the office, Weyers’ voice was low. The arrogance from before had completely vanished.

“Master!” A black shadow silently surfaced from the floor.

“Investigate this! Who’s responsible for the incident at the Floating Feather Avenue? Who was it that did this on my watch?” Weyers’ voice was frigid as he spoke in a discerning manner.

“Understood!” The...

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