Chapter 590


Seeing some of these structures, Leylin suddenly understood a fact. ‘Sky City occupies a small region of land, but it has a burgeoning population. It’s obvious that every bit of land here is expensive. The villa that I was allotted to was probably in the wealthiest region. In this place, nobody below the Morning Star realm can have such a luxury…’

There were streams of people on the streets, and practically all the different races in the central continent could be seen here.The Magi here possessed scholarly auras and were dressed in luxurious clothing, treating the others with respect.

‘Through the influence of civilisation, the behaviours of the residents of the city have evolved…’ Leylin exhaled deeply. Only a place like Sky City which was under the protection of a Monarch could display such a moving scene.

As Leylin had withdrawn his aura, he now seemed like the most ordinary of low-ranked Magi bringing his maid out as he took a stroll. He did not attract any attenti...

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