Chapter 587

Conjectures and Arrival

Within the Magus Tower’s secret room, at the side of the Pond of Lamentation. The silent Zegna was in a daze, only turning back after he left and lifting up the sleeve on his right arm.

On his right arm, crests and troughs formed on what should’ve been smooth skin, taking on the shape of a mysterious female face.

“What should we do about the Ouroboros Clan?” Zegna asked.

Two cracks opened in the skin, rolling apart to form a vivid pair of eyes. “You are now at the advanced stage of the transformation. Your main body will probably not be able to…” the mysterious woman’s voice sounded.

“You mean we should let go of this opportunity?” Zegna raised his eyebrows.

“No! We…” The woman’s voice grew softer and was quickly concealed by the waves of water in the black pool.


Above the troposphere. The large amounts of white clouds gathered to form a boundless white sea.

A black streaking was soaring through this see, a private airship with a smooth structure....

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