Chapter 585

Vitality And Formation

Leylin had tremendous achievements in Potioneering, to the extent that he’d even surpassed the realm of Grandmasters, reaching a higher level.

Even though the Giant Dragon Potion was rare and difficult to make even during ancient times, it was only a matter of trial and error for Leylin.

Even these few failures were not due to his technique, but because experiments were prone to failure themselves.

“Since the Giant Dragon Potion is done, I can begin now!”

Leylin took a glance at the surroundings. It was a huge public square located in the Morning Star Magus Tower, created with the help of the tower genie. On the ground were complex designs and magic runes, and even vicious totem images.

Surrounding the entire spell formation were four gigantic pillars, every single stone pillar the thickness of three men combined. Above them was something like a huge hollow tunnel, it seemed to be split open by sharp weapons, full...

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