Chapter 583

Pond of Lamentation

“It’s all your fault, Narsha! Didn’t you say that as long as we make use of the Lava World’s coordinates as a trap, we can get rid of them and make them disappear into a spatial rift? You said nobody would know!”

The moon rune on Zegna’s forehead dimmed as he narrowed his eyes.

“How would I know that three Morning Star Warlocks, when teamed up, were as powerful as a Radiant Moon Magus…” The mysterious female voice sounded like that of a spoilt little girl.

“Are you calling me useless?” Veins surfaced on Zegna’s forehead.

“What? How could I do such a thing? You’re my student, after all!” The little girl’s voice was suddenly replaced by a mature one.

“All we have is a trade, an exchange of benefits.” Zegna was breathing heavily as he stated this fact.

“Alright, alright! I know what you want. Wayde is fighting you over the Lava World, and Leylin is challenging your might in the central continent… But all this does not matter. As long as we succeed in our...

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