Chapter 582

Retrieving Land

Every Magus possessed knowledge and wisdom that far surpassed that of ordinary men. How could any such person knowingly provoke a rank 5?

There were only two ways that such a thing would happen. They were either absolutely confident in victory, or had a trump card that guaranteed them their lives.

Though this Morning Star couldn’t guess what trump card Leylin and the rest had, he could tell that the situation today was not in his favour.

“Alright! Give me five minutes, and I’ll order all my Magi to withdraw. I’ll leave Greenflame City to you,” he relented, albeit grudgingly.

The city and territory were all small matters to him. His Magi were what truly mattered, and he did not hesitate to make this choice even if he was unwilling.

“There’s no need for that. Whatever the Ouroboros Clan lost, we will retrieve it with our own strength.” Gilbert shook his head and rejected the other party’s suggestion.

“Also, even if it’s you, whoever dares offend our Ouroboros Clan will need to pay the price,” Leylin added...

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