Chapter 578


Zegna was a Radiant Moon Magus after all. Even if he was enraged, it would only be for a short period of time.

“The key now is to deal with this Leylin Farlier! I have a feeling that he’ll hinder my advancement to Breaking Dawn.” Zegna looked fierce as he muttered softly.

“Oh? Has he risen to rank 5? Bloodline shackles aren’t so easily broken.” The woman’s voice now held a trace of curiosity, her interest in Leylin having been piqued.

“He didn’t break through, but he’s reached the peak of Morning Star. With some strange techniques from the Lava World and other methods, I’m afraid…”

Zegna wore a sour look. He had to acknowledge that Leylin really was a genius seen once in thousands of years. He had gained such strength even with the low-levelled bloodline of the Giant Kemoyin Serpent and its inheritance.

Now, even if his main body were to act, defeating him wouldn’t be a problem but it was just a dream if he wanted to kill him.

That was, unless he could find...

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