Chapter 577

Terrifying Battle

The Northern Duke had never expected that the kid Ley, who he had once met and had a good impression of, was actually of another race!

Furthermore, the Dark Fireplume that Leylin used gave him a sense of fear. Perhaps if not for his dignity and resolution as a soldier and someone with power, he might have fled.

This was especially true since he did not seem to be losing against his most revered leader. Instead… he was winning?

“Great Mother Phoenix! Could I be dreaming? Please help me wake up as soon as possible.” While the Northern Duke’s will was strong, even he was beginning to find this situation absurd.

“Phoenix egg!” At this moment, two other powerful auras descended. Zegna observed the giant red egg at the middle of the battlefield, unable to conceal his desire.

Archibald could not stand it either. This was the peak of all fire elemental beings!

“It’s mine! The phoenix can only exist in our Divineflame Empire for...

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