Chapter 576

Blackfire Phoenix

“Could this egg be the legendary phoenix egg?” Leylin guessed absent-mindedly.

Only a creature as ancient as that would be able to automatically push Scarlet Eye’s progress in Fireplume to an unprecedented thirteenth level. On top of that, it could create amazing soul treasures such as firasource stones!

The reason he thought that way was because the moment this egg that was bathed in scarlet radiance appeared, his own Fireplume began to operate more quickly. A large, demonic version of the blackfire phoenix appeared behind him, and extreme desire filled his heart.

The blackfire phoenix chirped for a long while, extending its wings. The scarlet energy emanated by the egg was continually being absorbed by it.

[Beep! Change detected in host’s Fireplume. Energy levels increasing rapidly, currently at peak of level ten.]

[Beep! Qualitative change has been detected in host’s Fireplume. Entering level eleven.]

[Beep! Unknown essence...

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