Chapter 575

Breakthrough in Fusion

Flames flashed, and Scarlet Eye’s figure appeared once more. Now, however, his face was filled with fury and his aura was unstable.

He glared at the storm of fire that had burst forth and immediately turned back, his palms opening up a spatial passageway like drawing apart a curtain. He immediately re-entered the Lava World.

*Rumble!* Tens of seconds later, black lightning and a large rock smashed into the firestorm, revealing the miserable figures of Zegna and Archibald.

*Woosh!* Cracks spread across the rock like spiderwebs, and large fragments began to fall off.

At the end of it all, Archibald’s body was much smaller than before, and could even be called ‘pocket-sized.’

Zegna was in an even more pitiful state. Not only were their traces of burn wounds all over his body, even a great portion of his hair had been burned off.

“Haha! After this, the injuries on Scarlet Eye’s body will probably take at least a hundred...

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