Chapter 574


“How about you? Who exactly are you? How could you progress to the tenth level of Fireplume?” Watching Bowens in front of him, Leylin was filled with curiosity.

“Take a guess,” Bowens sneered, “But know this. If I hadn’t come and hidden myself here in the Lava World for such a long time, Collins would definitely not be the strongest Morning Star in Jupiter’s Lightning!”

A vicious, berserk aura burst forth from Bowens’ body. Starlight twinkled behind him, forming a unique Morning Star domain.

Two orbs of golden flames appeared in his hands, emitting the powerful energy of Fireplume.

“Congratulations, you get to see this new spell I came up with after combining the path of a Magus with Fireplume. Fire Phoenix Slice!” Berserk energy from Fireplume was amplified by magic, resulting in a barrage of powerful blades of fire that sliced towards Leylin.

“Indeed, there are no fools among Magi. It’s only to be expected that someone...

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