Chapter 573

Identity Revealed

“Uncle Bowens, how’s the situation?” Schiker’s gaze was set outside the city, at the battle between the Star ranks.

He had not advanced to the Star rank yet, and naturally lacked Leylin’s vision. All he could see was space continually being torn apart, the stray energy destroying the architecture. The defensive layer shook continually, and he couldn’t help but look to Bowens in his worry..

“Don’t worry, they’re fine! Morning Star Magi will not act without benefits, and Saka and the other Star rank fire elementals can’t match up to you Emberwings.” Bowens’ expression was slightly strange as he spoke.

“I guess I can relax now.” Schiker patted his chest, but his expression quickly changed. He had sensed something off about Bowens’ tone.

Bowens was much too knowledgeable about that black-robed person. On top of that, what did he mean by ‘you Emberwings’?

As he turned around and saw the strange expression on...

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