Chapter 572

Sneak Attack

“This is the Northern Duke! I hereby command all residents of Tylasus City to return to their homes. You are not allowed to leave. Anyone outside will be killed without discretion!” While the defensive formation was being reinforced at the leader’s residence, a tremendous sound was transmitted to the city.

“I am Kiel, commander of the southern military. Nobody is allowed outside from henceforth!”

“I am the commander of the eastern military. Nobody is…”

“This is an order from the Western Duke…”

Loud sounds echoed continuously throughout the city, and an expression of glee surfaced on Schiker’s face.

“It’s my uncle the Northern Duke, Turin, and the others…” The dukes and military commanders were the pillars of the Atlan Union. Every single one of them was a Star rank.

This sudden aid had excited him immediately.

Along with the voices of the Star ranks, orders were passed down and the city was sealed. A layer of fiery-red isolation layer kept Tylasus within.

“Scarlet Eye really did have something planned....

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