Chapter 571

Life Extraction

“Don’t mind these people. Our priority is to break into the residence!” The leader of the Morning Star Magi glanced at the many nobles and commoners trying to escape and shook his head. Leaving them to the fire elementals, he darted straight for Scarlet Eye’s residence.

“You seem to have other intentions in this joint operation. Is it convenient for you to tell me more? As allies, we hope to provide some support!” At some point, Saka had arrived beside this Magus, and he smiled gently as he spoke.

However, when coupled with his huge stature and fierce face, this smile just seemed horrifying.

“It’s nothing much. We just have a few old enemies hidden amongst the Emberwings and need to take care of them,” the Morning Star Magus replied politely.

“Oh? Are they Magi from the other world like you?” Saka asked. This topic had him interested.

It had mostly been thanks to them that he was able to break into the capital and cause such...

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