Chapter 570

Chaotic Battle

“Number 1, order received!” “Number 2, order received!” “Number 3, order received!”

Along with the old man’s command, three different voices sounded from the dark-green metal bracelet.

“Begin extraction of aggrieved souls! Start the sacrifice…” The old man’s voice was calm, yet held within it a bone-piercing chilliness.

At the same time, all the Star ranks in Tylasus City felt a chill in their hearts.

“This feeling?”

“A spell formation from the Magus World, an undead element spell formation aimed at aggrieved souls!” Leylin, Gilbert and Emma immediately recognised this unique energy.

Seeing the flesh and blood flying everywhere in the square, Emma laughed bitterly, “Such an environment will do wonders for an undead spell formation!”

Even if the Morning Stars restrained themselves, they would still cause major damage to the surroundings. On top of that, it was currently the Holy Solar Day, and those gathered here were not just the residents of Tylasus City. Tourists, followers from different regions,...

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