Chapter 569

The Opening

Leylin obviously did not think that everything done in the Magus World was right, but he did not approve of the methods in Lava World because they were too time-consuming.

Of course, that might have to do with him being a Magus, since he consciously wanted to protect his own interests.

“Greetings to the Atlan Union Leader. I am Saka, the envoy of the Divineflame Empire!”

Walking ahead of the diplomatic mission was a flaming giant who was over ten metres tall, looking like a fire demon from myths. Him bowing down to a tiny Emberwing seemed rather laughable, but nobody would actually dare to do so.

Scarlet Eye merely stood there like an eternal mountain, a sky which people could only look up to.

“Also… Our empire seriously condemns the leader, Scarlet Eye, for killing one of our personnel without reason.” Saka’s next words caused the atmosphere to turn chilly.

“Condemn?” Scarlet Eye chuckled lightly. “Anything else?”

“The leader has to take responsibility for this matter, apologise and resign! If not, the...

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