Chapter 566


A Morning Star Magus would not dare face the wrath of a Radiant Moon.

Outside the elegant palace, a few Morning Star Magi looked at each other and kept their distance, leaving the low-level servants hugging their heads and trembling at the side.

A reckless energy wave swept across the area near the throne, and soon there was not a single living thing in the area.

“Rage is the natural enemy of all Magi! Don’t tell me, you’re a bloodline Warlock as well?” A soothing gentle laugh sounded in the air like a clear spring, mocking at Zegna.

Shockingly, upon hearing the voice, Zegna calmed a little. Besides slightly heavy breathing, he showed no significant difference from before the contact.

“You are right! But soon or later I’m going to wipe out the bloodline of those damn Kemoyin Warlocks!”

Zegna returned to his throne, and the moon on his forehead glowed with bright light, brightening up the entire palace.

“In your current state, you might not be able to deal with Scarlet Eye even if you use...

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