Chapter 565

Fire Phoenix

Leylin walked out of the inn, with the hypnotised boss and attendants left behind.

After he left, these people would forget his appearance and him having been there at all, and would not even doubt their memories. This was a spiritual force intent planted deep in their minds.

He had learnt this technique from the Spirit Circle Warlock, Paul.

He returned to the station to find Schiker waiting for him, having come in secret. After a lengthy conversation with him, Leylin was left wanting to both laugh and cry as he looked at the item on the table.

This was a little book with a fiery-red cover. Within was the information on the tenth level of the fire feathered technique!

Schiker had come over just to give him this. The tenth level of Fireplume that had been on Leylin’s mind had landed in his possession quite easily.

“I don’t know how to react…” Leylin commanded the A.I. Chip to destroy the book after recording the thing down. “But it looks like he has gotten rid of all suspicion towards me…”

On top of that, the item he had been desiring had landed in his palms. Leylin was in a pretty...

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