Chapter 563

Formal Visit

A fleet of vehicles slowly drove out of Wox City. Leylin turned to look at the city, a ruminating smile about his lips.

The Atlan Union’s operation had dealt a huge blow to both the Mobius Organisation and the Triserpent Sect.

As he had found the opponent’s headquarters and killed a Star rank, the eastern line that Schiker was in charge of was instantly rewarded by the leader. Now, they were heading back to the headquarters of the Atlan Union to have their merits evaluated after giving their reports.

Within another vehicle, Schiker’s injuries had pretty much healed and he watched Martin, deep in thought and sitting upright. He restrained himself for a while, before he could not help himself and asked, “Uncle Martin, what are you thinking about?”

“Oh, it’s nothing.” Martin seemed to recover from his daze and looked tired.

“I’m letting my imagination run wild in my old age,” he laughed, mocking himself. “The opponent this time is from another world. I keep having a feeling that...

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