Chapter 562

Leaking Intel

To Mies’ knowledge, Star ranks were the most powerful existences in the Lava World.

He, who had not seen much in the world, was not aware there was an even more powerful realm after the Star rank.

However, just one Star rank was enough to cause their leader, Schiker, to be heavily injured, and Sky ranked experts to die in large numbers. If another one had appeared? Mies didn’t even want to consider that.

“Has his Grace, the Northern Duke, arrived?” he guessed.

Well aware of all that was going on and actually the main offender himself, Leylin had a serious expression, “I’m afraid not! I’ll need to see the instructor!”

On the way, Leylin met Loke again. However, the man seemed to have much on his shoulders, and he could not tell if this was real or a pretence.

“Reporting in!” Leylin and Loke shouted outside the door.

“Come in!” Schiker’s slightly weary voice sounded from within. After entering the room, Leylin’s nose twitched,...

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