Chapter 561

Setting A Plan

“Good! I’ll be there then!” Leylin nodded.

“Of course you will, because you’ll have the greatest chance!” Gilbert chuckled.

“Oh? Why’s that?” Leylin’s thoughts were lightning quick as he immediately came up with a reason. “Could it be…”

“Hehe… that’s right. Lord Schiker is the illegitimate child of the head of Atlan. With this connection, and you yourself as part of the Special Task Force, you’ll get the most opportunities to sneak into his residence.” Emma revealed.

“No wonder I’ve been thinking Schiker has a very solid backing and very powerful connections. So he’s the illegitimate child of the head of the union…” Leylin spoke in understanding.

“Hehe… This is called an opportune moment. We’d wanted to sneak into the Special Task Force too, but the bloodline scanning there is very strict. We can only imitate up to the seventh level of Fireplume, which is pretty much useless. Even if we got in, we’d only be at the bottommost level. You’re different. Not only is your Emberwing aura unbelievably pure, you’ve even improved in Fireplume up to the ninth level. What a genius!”

Gilbert praised. He was now feeling he’d been blind not to have noticed a super talent like Leylin. However, he had managed to take Leylin under his wing, which was a huge relief.

“Alright! I’ll do my best and follow Schiker back to the capital!” Leylin nodded, watching these two Kemoyin Dukes. Before heading to the Lava World, he’d been worried that they were injured or something like that, but now, it looked like there was nothing to worry about.

What was difficult for Morning Stars to heal from were injuries to the soul, but as long as firasource stones were in their possession, even the most troublesome soul injuries could be healed quickly.

In actuality, Leylin guessed that these two Kemoyin Dukes had used all their firasource stone reserves to heal the injuries from breaking away from the attack. If not, they would not have had just this slight improvement to their aura.

“By the way, there’s someone called Loke under Schiker. Is he also someone you arranged for to be there?” Leylin suddenly thought of something and asked.

“Loke?!” Suspicion flashed on Emma and Gilbert’s expression as they exchanged a glance. Even Leylin, who had been observing their facial expressions, could not tell if these expressions were genuine.

“No, I don’t know him! He’s not a spy we sent out. Is there something wrong?”

“A little. I suspect he’s from another race who feigned an identity to enter the Special Task Force!” Leylin casually brought this up.

“In that case…” Gilbert rubbed his shiny bald head, “You’ll need to be more wary of him. He’s most likely someone from the Mobius Organisation!”

“Mobius Organisation? Do you know that organisation well?” Leylin’s interest was piqued at this. Or rather, at the large amount of resources and firasource stones that this organisation had stolen.

“Though this is just a guess, we are almost certain that it’s Jupiter’s Lightning’s organisation here!”

Emma looked grim, “Due to the suppression from Atlan, Zegna of Jupiter’s Lightning does not dare come to this world. He’s only dispatched a few Morning Star Magi here to secretly build up an organisation!”

“Zegna?” Leylin touched his chin. It was only now that he found out the name of this rank 5 Magus who had been opposing him.

“In this case, Loke is probably a spy or something to that effect sent out by Zegna?” Leylin chuckled.

“Just a mere pawn. It doesn’t matter even if that’s true. As long as he’s not a Morning Star, he won’t be that vital in this game here…”

Ruthlessness flashed in Gilbert’s expression, “If you really think he’s annoying, then dispose of him. If it’s not convenient for you, just tell us, and we’ll handle it…”

Though Gilbert and Emma seemed to be nobles in the Atlan Union, they were actually one of the three wicked leaders of the Triserpent Sect. It was obvious that they would seek trouble with the Special Task Force, and Loke’s death wouldn’t be that significant anyway.

“Let’s keep him around for now and not alarm the Mobius Organisation. By the way, is that Morning Star who had caused major casualties and stole a lot of resources still around?”

“Why? You want to know where he is?” Emma and Gilbert both had on something that seemed like a smile.

“Of course! I don’t really care about other resources, but I must get those firasource stones!”

Leylin answered decisively, “Besides, I can gain more of Schiker’s trust with his help. Think about it, if I give Schiker news of the Morning Star who landed him in his current state, what would happen?”

“Actually, we’ve been trying to track him down and seem to have found some trails…”

Emma exclaimed, “Just as well! That is Collins of Jupiter’s Lightning. Neither of us is certain we can kill him, but with you around, we have enough strength. We shall divide the firasource stones equally though!”

“That’s fine!” Leylin immediately thought of Collins, who he’d disciplined at his ceremony, and the corner of his lips quirked up in a smile.



The earth split open, the sky falling. Space was constantly being destroyed, causing turbulence. Silver storms wreaked havoc and ravaged the region.

At the very centre, three phantoms in the form of indistinct giant black serpents streaked across the horizon, surrounding a figure.

“Collins, hand over everything you have on you, and we can let you off!” Gilbert yelled loudly.

Trapped in the middle was Collins, who Leylin had seen once before. Now, bloody wounds were all over his body, and it was obvious that his injuries were not mild.

His own strength lost to even Leylin. Under the joint attack of three Morning Star Warlocks, he was actually pretty good to have survived so far.

“Lord Zegna won’t let you off…” The energy undulations from Collin’s body were all over the place. The battle with Morning Star Arcane Arts had already landed him in a critical state.

“Zegna? Hmph! Even if he doesn’t look for us, we’ll look for him. We can’t just forget about what happened with the First Elder.” Emma snorted coldly.

Collins could only whine about the situation inside his mind. Though his strength surpassed that of Demon Hunter Cyril, he was still no match for three Morning Star Warlocks working together.

Unfortunately, Jupiter’s Lightning was huge, and needed many Morning Stars taking charge in the Magus World. There were few Morning Star Magi in the Lava World, and he was the strongest of all those sent over, having committed a serious sin that he had to make up for.

But now? He first had to think about how to save himself!

“Alright! I can give you all the firasource stones, but you’ll need to swear on the astral plane that you won’t harm or imprison me!”

Collins shouted. This was usually what happened in battles between Morning Star Magi. It might be easy to define the winner, but killing the opponent was difficult and often not worth it. That was why after being defeated, it was common to agree to an unfair contract and concede to a huge compensation.

“You don’t have any leeway to bargain over this!” Leylin’s tone was firm. With his opponent’s life in the palm of his hands and unable to escape, there was no space for negotiation.

“Alright. In that case…” Collins seemed to acknowledge his fate and placed his hands on his waist. All of a sudden, his expression turned sinister.

Berserk black lightning closed in with him in the middle.

Above his right hand, a simple leather scroll was slowly opening, revealing the phantom image of a Magus with a black moon rune on the forehead.

“It’s a rank 5 magic scroll!” Emma’s expression instantly changed, countless blood-red rays exploding forth.

A giant black snake that spanned across the horizon appeared, charging in his direction.

“Kemoyin Serpent Transformation!” Gilbert and Leylin, who were trailing behind, immediately acted as well. The power of a rank 5 spell was not to be underestimated, and they had to go all out.

On top of that, since this was another world, there was no danger even if they destroyed anything. Their methods were frenzied and cruel, not considering the destruction of the environment.

“Hissss…” A giant black phantom snake collided with the lightning, and the energy undulations created could be felt even hundreds of kilometers away.

*Boom!* A human figure was sent flying, Collins’ figure. Black blood shot out of the corner of his mouth, and there were traces of rot that continuously penetrated deeper within. Even his Morning Star body was full of bloody holes.

While he flew backwards, he flung large amounts of fiery-red ores, and even some other precious resources and treasures of his collection. They flew in all directions, emitting brilliant light.

“The firasource stones are all here, as well as my collection. Don’t go too far!” he yelled, his figure turning into a streak of light and disappearing into the horizon.

*Swish!* The fog dissipated, and three black figures floated down, gathering the many firasource stones.

“What do you think of this?” Leylin spoke first.

“Since we’re acting, we need to seem genuine. I’m going to chase him for a while longer…” Gilbert nodded, before dashing towards the black streak.

“Well then, Madam Emma, I’ll head back now!” After keeping the portion of firasource stones that belonged to him, Leylin was in an exceptionally good mood and bowed to Emma.

“Mm! Take care of yourself. I don’t want Freya to become a widow at such a young age,” Emma hummed, though there were hints of concern in her tone.

“I understand!” Leylin was slightly touched, nodding as he turned back into Ley the Emberwing. He returned to the Special Task Force encampment in Wox City.

“Boss, the energy undulations just now?” The moment he entered, Mies rushed over hurriedly, his expression grim.

“It’s probably a fight between Star ranks!” Leylin obviously knew the reason for the change in his expression.

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