Chapter 560


“It’s not for us to decide anyway, since they’ve already taken the initiative to come here!”

Crimson flames flashed on Emma’s body as she appeared in mid-air, Gilbert right behind her. Eventually, the two came to a stop, standing side by side.

“The soul flames are closing in very quickly, and the other party’s aura is very powerful! It’s a Morning Star, but… This blood line undulation… How is it possible…” Gilbert turned to Emma in disbelief, only to be met with Emma’s eyes filled with similar astonishment and suspicion.

From the incoming person, they felt the purest Kemoyin bloodline aura. But how was that possible?

There had always only been three Morning Star Warlocks in the Ouroboros Clan.

‘Did the First Elder come back to life?’ An idea rose in Gilbert’s mind, but was quickly extinguished. He had personally seen the death of the First Elder, and his point mass had even returned to the astral plane.

From the thickness of the bloodline, the purity of the other party’s Kemoyin bloodline...

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