Chapter 558


“You’re Ley, the genius of the Special Task Force in the eastern region? One of the dogs that Schiker’s raising?” The black-clothed person opposite him spoke with a hint of scorn.

“You’re looking for death!” Leylin’s eyes opened suddenly, as if two balls of flames were being launched from them.

*Shua!* His entire body seemed to transform into a thread of flames, boring through his opponent’s forehead and coming out through the back before turning back into a humanoid figure.

*Crackle!* The black-clothed person who had not been the least bit modest with his words had a dazed look on his face. Seconds later, he turned into a torch of fire and began to incinerate fiercely.

“Whorf! Whorf!” The other person in black was clearly stunned, before beginning to shout. The voice was lovely, and evidently belonged to a woman.

“You dare… You dare kill him…” The woman raised her head, eyes full of hatred as she glared at Leylin, itching to hack him to pieces.

Leylin merely hummed coldly as if he did not care. If looks...

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