Chapter 556

Orders Given

“What mission is it?” Leylin took the document that was labelled ‘top secret’ on the cover, and unconsciously furrowed his brows.

“The union has ordered that our Special Task Force is to attack the Triserpent Sect and Mobius Organisation within the territory of the state. I am the person in charge of the eastern region!”

Schiker’s voice was that of a hardened war veteran.

“Your squadron is in charge of a few strongholds of the Triserpent Sect that have been discovered recently. I will personally take care of the Mobius Organisation’s side!”

It was obvious that their trap had thoroughly enraged Schiker. Now, he wanted to exact revenge properly!

“The Triserpent Sect?” A look of interest appeared on Leylin’s face, though he was sighing inside.

His intention in coming to the Atlan Union was to obtain some information regarding the Triserpent Sect, but so many things had happened, especially with the appearance of the firasource stone. That one resource had dispelled all other thoughts.

However, just when he...

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