Chapter 555

The Organisation’s Leader

Now, a wide golden path had appeared in front of Leylin.

As long as he gathered enough firasource stones, his soul force would increase greatly. Even the soul force of a Morning Star Magus who had thousands of years of experience using the top meditation techniques might not be as strong.

“If the Morning Star Magi in the Magus World learn about this, I’m afraid they will go mad over it!”

Leylin stroked his chin, finding it a little puzzling, “A precious source like this is a fatal attraction to Morning Star Magi. If so, why would Jupiter’s Lightning use this world to trap the Elders despite risking the exposure of the coordinates? This doesn’t make sense...”

At that moment, everything that had happened previously left Leylin confused.

“Maybe they had confidence in getting rid of the Elders, but did not expect that they could get away, which had them caught unprepared. Or maybe they didn’t even manage to find a source like...

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