Chapter 554

Firasource Stone

“Time to go!” Leylin kicked Mies who had almost fallen asleep.

“Erm, where are we going?” Mies shrunk back a little, his vision blurred.

If there was a choice, he would still have preferred to sleep here as the weather outside was so hot that it could make him pass out.

“Hurry up!” Leylin raised his brows, Mies stood up immediately, feeling speechless.

“Okay! We shall go to the logistics department and check out the mission of the month. It’s almost time…”

“Alright, alright. You’re the boss.” Mies shrugged his shoulders.

Ever since the last incident, Leylin had gotten promoted and became a captain of the Special Task Force, while Mies was put in his unit, becoming one of his men.

As for Loke, he had his way around. Even though he was not promoted after the last mission, he soon achieved lots of merit for the following events and got promoted to be a captain like Leylin just a few days ago.

The logistics department of the Special Task Force was not far from his residence. Every staff...

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