Chapter 553

Taking Root

*Thud!* The iron fist wreathed in scarlet flames ruthlessly struck the old bishop clothed in red, causing him to fall back while coughing blood. The large phantom phoenix at Leylin’s back let loose a frightening cry. Pressing forward, Leylin immediately charged to the other bishop in red.

“Even if you’re also a Sky rank, you’ve only just advanced. You definitely know too little about battles between Sky ranks. Kid, looks like I’ll be the one to have to deal with you!” The bishop who was on his guard against Schiker yelled. The reason for the defeat of his ally before seemed to be an underestimation of his enemy, which was why Leylin’s sneak attack had been successful.

“Let instructor Schiker go, and I can pardon you!” With a ferocious roar, Leylin and this bishop collided.

*Rumble!* A red blaze and a black storm intertwined as they engaged in battle. The soil was devastated, opening up to reveal the bedrock.

“Things… should be fine, right? Even if Ley suddenly broke through, those are two Sky ranks!”...

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