Chapter 552

Hot-blooded Breakthrough

“All members, break free from the encirclement!”

Schiker’s shout after the momentary silence surprised the two bishops. Red flames surged from his body, even forming a giant phantom of a flying beast behind him.

This was a perfect creature like those in legends, bathed in fire like a god born of the flames!

“The eighth level of the Fireplume! Schiker, you’ve gotten this old, yet you still haven’t made any progress!” The two bishops exchanged a glance and took a step forward together, a huge pressure dispersing in all directions and suppressing the phantom of the fire phoenix ahead.

As if night had fallen, great amounts of black mist bound Schiker to them. A great battle was about to happen!

“Kill them!”

Numerous members of Mobius Organisation yelled, and figures in dark robes with daggers or the like in their hands darted out of the shadows.

The sounds of shouts were unceasing. Most of the members of the Special Task Force were new, and the surprise attack resulted in heavy casualties. Their...

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