Chapter 551


Different from ordinary troops, this elite group formed of Exemplaries needed to start on missions right away.

The Atlan Union had spent much manpower and physical resources on supporting the Special Task Force, and they were naturally not to be underestimated. However, this method of mentoring through fighting had resulted in the dissatisfaction of some members.

Of course, with Sky rank Schiker around suppressing them, it was as if nothing had happened.

“Hi, Ley! I’m Mies. This is our first time on the battlefield, how are you feeling? Nervous?”

The pale young man who had been the first for the testing leaned towards him, looking to fawn on him.

“Alright,” Leylin answered indifferently, and then pointed towards the burly man who had mastered the sixth level of Fireplume. “What’s his name?”

“Him? He’s Loke, and rumours have it that he was an expert at being a mercenary. Look at that pretentious display, as if all eyes are on him…”

Mies played the role of a lackey very well...

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