Chapter 550

Testing and Passing

Compared to the Magi of the Magus World who liked to work behind the scenes, the strong in the Lava World were more willing to take the stage and take control of the organisations.

The kingships of large-scaled kingdoms were taken up by Star ranks. In that case, it was understandable for there to be a large number of Exemplaries in the higher ups of the Atlan Union’s army.

Furthermore, the army was the quickest place to advance in status, especially during wartime. As long as one was capable, had outstanding results, and nobody obstructed them, people were usually promoted rapidly. This was a method that was much better than others, and also the way that Leylin liked the best.

“But… There’s so much hardship in being a soldier. I don’t want to be trampled on…” Leylin’s eyes swivelled around as he had an idea.

Days later, in a special building within the city.

“Are you here to apply for the Special Task Force? Come with me!” A female Emberwing race member said. She was dressed in a military uniform and was...

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