Chapter 549

Emberwing Race

The Lava World was vast, and a few hundred years would not be enough to traverse the entire world.

Based on the information he obtained from Jake, this continent that Leylin was on was the largest in the Lava World, called ‘Blazing Crown’.

Around Blazing Crown, was an ocean formed of lava. Within this lava ocean were all kinds of terrifying high-energy beings, and it was a much more dangerous place than the oceans in the Magus World.

Hence, communication between Blazing Crown and the other continents was minimal. Even the most powerful extraordinary ones rarely left the continent.

To Jake’s knowledge, Blazing Crown was the heart of the Lava World. The other ‘continents’ were merely slightly large islands.

‘What an interesting world! An ocean formed of lava? If those fire-elemental Magi were to find out about this place, they would be willing to migrate over even if it cost them a fortune.’ Leylin touched his chin, beginning to browse through the intelligence he had obtained...

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