Chapter 548

Underground Wrestling Match

Passing through a rusty metal door, Leylin entered a large underground arena.

There were cheers, howls, even berserk roars sounding incessantly. At times one could hear the sound of weapons clashing, at others the sound of a body being pierced.

The atmosphere was insane. The audience, who were composed of multiple races, waved pieces of paper in their hands as they yelled towards the middle of the arena.

“This…” Leylin looked down towards the centre with interest, and immediately made a discovery.

In a large cage made of steel was a were-lion with golden fur. It was matched against several large monsters.

These monsters looked like eight-legged crocodiles with mouths full of sharp teeth.

Their mouths actually looked like saws with all the sharp teeth, boasting a viciousness and frightening power that would cause weaker beings to faint.

Their opponent, the were-lion, was unarmed, and could only fight these monsters with its own...

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