Chapter 547

Woking City

“Mister Ley!” The rest of the Wooks celebrated upon Leylin’s return, worship in their eyes. There was a respect for power that was imprinted into their very bloodlines, and now it had shown itself.

“It’s all settled, let’s continue!” Leylin returned to the seat in the giant snail shell, looking calm.

Indeed, the two rank 1 Magi did not warrant Leylin’s attention. However, it had surprised Leylin how much the A.I. Chip had advanced after deriving the energy transformation formulas of the rank 1 Magi.

[Beep! Decoding of 15 rank 1 Fire element spells, 7 rank 2 spells and 3 rank 3 spells has been completed.]

Leylin’s face broke into a smile after hearing the notice from the A. I. Chip.

Due to the difference in the rules of the Lava World, spell models of the Magus world could not directly be used in it, and had to be slightly altered.

For other Magi to do such a thing would require...

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