Chapter 546


It was the early morning and the air was refreshing, a situation that seldom occurred. Even the lava rivers weren’t boiling hot right now.

The large black city gates opened slowly, and a small caravan made its way through.

Within the caravan were many black one-horned clansmen. Their mode of transport was a giant creature that looked like a snail. Their shells towered high, a few openings in them made expressly for the easy retrieval of items.

There were no goods in the huge shell of the largest mount, and only a space that was specially cleared for Leylin to sit in, with his legs crossed.

Though this snail’s movements weren’t especially quick, it was advantageous in that there were practically no jolts from the travel. Even the temperature of this place was different from that of the surroundings, and it left Leylin feeling very satisfied.

At the thought of the unwillingness to part on Uma’s face, as well as Wook'e and Wook'bo's stunned expressions, Leylin had the urge to laugh.

He had no plans on interfering with matters relating to other races. That ‘Intellectual One’...

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