Chapter 545

Unihorn Race

“Thank you for saving Wook'ma, revered Powerful One!”

Rather than the young female, two other one-horned beings came forward with their right arm on their chest, doing a strange action.

“May I know the Powerful One’s name?”

Leylin noticed an investigative glint that had been concealed well in their eyes. There were even traces of suspicion, but he had already come up with a plan.

“I am Ley, of the winged people! I am currently travelling to learn more about different cultures, so there is no need to thank me. The great will of lava was the one who orchestrated all this…”

With the memories of that one-horned tribal, Leylin’s speech was just like that of the Lava World’s aboriginals, and his disguise was seamless.

The so-called winged people were a shield Leylin had found for himself.

Through the other party’s memories, he had found that all the different races of Lava World looked totally different from regular Wooks, and only the winged people tribe were somewhat similar. As for the wings?...

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