Chapter 544


Over five years of progress and the addition of a large amount of information on the soul from Leylin’s end that he’d acquired through trade and missions, the A.I. Chip’s analysis on the soul had reached a whole new level.

Though it still could not completely enumerate soul force, it was not far from this goal, and could perform many unbelievable deductions and integrations.

Things like altering the soul undulations being emitted by him were only one part of it.

‘Mm! The concentration of fire elemental particles is the highest here. If I modify the spell models of the Magus World, I might achieve an even more astounding bonus to my power!’ Leylin touched his chin and watched the elemental map, his eyes glowing.

Meanwhile, his aura had already begun to change. A dim layer of light flickered into existence and quickly covered his body. The entire space seemed to distort for a while, but at the same time, it seemed as if nothing had happened.

Leylin suddenly sighed deeply, and his body...

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