Chapter 543

Lava World

Knowing that it was a trap, those who still jumped straight in were idiots!

Leylin was obviously not an idiot. Since the other party had revealed that they had the ability to interfere with astral gates, Leylin obviously would not ignore them.

In fact, in these five years, he had been silently surveying the other world. He had even attempted projecting spiritual seeds, all in order to thoroughly understand the other party’s ability to interfere.

Through the five years of probing that seemed to only last a day, he had long since understood the methods they could use like the back of his hand. He’d even prepared a contingency plan.

“It’s offensive pattern number 3. Activate corresponding countermeasures!” Leylin’s eyes glinted with intelligence.

[Task initiated. Spatial anchor being projected. Tracing target’s coordinates…] The A.I. Chip began to operate methodically.

A layer of mysterious spatial undulations was emanated from Leylin’s body.

[Target coordinates have been determined. Proceed with attack?] The A.I. Chip asked...

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