Chapter 542

Setting Off


The Radiant Moon Magus nodded his head, and he suddenly felt a lot less uncertain. “That's right! Even though the rascal has immense, inexplicable strength, the bloodline shackles will be enough to stunt his growth. Kemoyin Warlocks can reach the peak of rank 4 at best, after which he won’t have any room to grow…”

“Keke… you're right. Who would still care about a rascal that's confined to the Morning Star rank?”

The mysterious voice suddenly changed to that of a lady, gentle and soft. “Your real enemy is…”

“Shut up!” The Radiant Moon Magus who had originally been sitting down stood up abruptly, looking sinister, “Shut your mouth this instant! Don't you know that as long as you mention his name, even if it is unintentional, he will be able to detect it? The power of a King isn’t something a person of your lowly status can belittle.”

“Fine… but isn't it just a Breaking Dawn Magus?” The female voice replied indignantly, and she felt rather uneasy. It was as if everything that she had said carelessly today was inappropriate....

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