Chapter 541

Determination and Action

The spiritual flame of a Morning Star Magus had an intricate relationship with their body. Its strength also reflected the time the Magus had remaining.

That Freya’s necklace had encountered such a situation meant the original body of Blood Duchess Emma had likely been dealt severe damage in the foreign world.

Trauma would weaken a Magus’ vitality, which in turn caused such a change in the spiritual flame they left behind.

“Mentor… Mentor!” Freya’s eyes turned red as she covered her mouth, but Leylin’s secret imprint twinkled before he could try to console her.

“Yes, Faisal?” Leylin frowned as he tapped the secret imprint open.

“Your Grace, my Mentor… the spiritual flame of the First Elder was extinguished a minute ago…” Faisal’s voice was husky. It was as if his heart had sunk, and he was feeling hopeless.

“Extinguished?” Leylin touched his chin. If the spiritual flame had been extinguished,...

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