Chapter 539


The Wing of the Sun was a top-grade meditation technique that was meant to complement the bloodline of the Sun’s Child, and was abstruse and unfathomable. Even the A.I. Chip had not been able to analyse it.

Now, however, the combination of the real bloodline of the Sun’s Child and its DNA sequence worked together to solve the many difficulties that had been confounding him.

With the Dragon King’s Mystic Might he had obtained in the past, he now also had the Void Phantom, which came to two complete meditation techniques. This meant he had a decent, accurate database to draw upon.

The simulation of the fifth level of Kemoyin’s pupil saw some progress once more.

Seeing that his main objective was satisfied, Leylin couldn’t help but sigh with relief. “Rank 6, top-grade creature— Sun’s Child!”

Leylin observed the blood that was like a little sun, and began to furrow his eyebrows. With this and the Wing of the Sun, he could instantly create a powerful Warlock family.

Warlocks with a bloodline stemming from a rank...

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