Chapter 538

Bloodline of the Sun’s Child

“I’m afraid the conditions here are still inadequate for the last bloodline purification and activation process!” Leylin scrutinised the entire laboratory, the crystal-like ground as well as the unique radiance emitted by the walls.

Such an environment was a good location for experiments even for a Morning Star Magus.

Even so, some of the steps required to activate an ancient bloodline were very troublesome, and even posed a certain amount of danger. It was still best that these sorts of experiments were conducted in one’s Magus Tower.

But there was still a period of time before Leylin’s Magus Tower could be completed, hence it was still necessary to remodel and reinforce the place as appropriate.

As he looked at the muddled breeding pool, he was no longer bothered by the yells and struggles inside it. Instead, he gave a few orders to the formation genie before leaving the place directly.

“Morning Star Magus Tower!” Although Leylin had only been gone a short period of time, the headquarters of the Ouroboros Clan had undergone many...

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