Chapter 536

Soul Issue

The Gourmet World was another world in the astral plane.

Rumours from ancient times had it that even a brook or a rock would taste supremely delicious there.

This was the pinnacle of enjoyable food, and many Magi could not resist the temptation.

Based on Leylin’s knowledge, the Warlock Union had yet to have any records of a successful attack on another world, which made these all the more precious.

Seeing the delicacies in front of Leylin constantly being consumed, Paul’s robotic face seemed to be in anguish, especially the soul force that unwittingly showed his emotions. Leylin was even more cheerful as he ate quicker.

Though his main body wasn’t here, the pleasures felt by soul force could be connected to the main body.

When Paul could no longer endure this, Leylin raised his head properly, “Lord Paul! Seems like we can now discuss the issues about trading the spoils…”

The look of grievance Paul had on his face had Leylin laughing inside, but his expression was even more serious....

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