Chapter 535

Protected Star Trading

“Yes. Through the Morning Star Area, any Morning Star Warlock can get support at anytime. Even if our brothers are spread throughout the central continent, this place can still keep us closely linked.”

Paul’s words held a tone of awe, and the respect he held towards the Warlocks who had thought up this plan was obvious.

“Yes. If I had had the coordinates to the Morning Star Area the last time, things wouldn’t have been so difficult…” Leylin sounded helpless as he sighed.

“Haha… but it’s not too late to know now!” The hand of the steel puppet seemed to pat Leylin’s shoulder, but went through the black figure.

As if trying to hide his embarrassment, Paul immediately laughed as he spoke. “Oh! By the way, all of our bloodline Warlock organisations provide each other with long-distance delivery services. Of course, they take a fee, and need to be on good terms with the other party!”

“Bloodline Warlocks are very united…” Leylin’s eyes shone, immediately knowing the function of this...

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